“Slow” Season or “Serious” Season?

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, many sellers ask if they should wait to list their home instead of putting it on the market now.  For those looking to sell their home now, there’s good news:

According to a Huffington post article and Redfin, now is the BEST time to listing your home!

“Anytime between December and May is an ideal time to list your home — and February is the hands-down the best month. The company’s analysis of nationwide listings from 2014 showed that 74 percent of homes listed in February sold within 90 days, and 13 percent of them sold for more than the list price. (Compare that to September, when 61 percent of homes sold within 90 days and October, when just five percent sold above list price).

In short, “shoppers in January and February are motivated,” says Christin Camacho, a Redfin spokesperson. “They’re looking in winter because they need to move, not because they’re just looking for fun.” And if people are going to brave the cold to househunt during winter, then they’re going to make their effort worthwhile.”